The Internet is a revolution, Over 50 million users access the Internet worldwide of which 37 million are from United States and Canada.  With such prevailing numbers can copyright law protect authors in a world that makes its own rules? In addition, even if the fair use doctrine and the implied license defenses to infringement have limitations, does this preclude the use of custom as a defense to an infringement suit? This question still cannot be answered as a court has yet to decide the issue of custom on the Internet. Surely the Internet is new; however, with such a large amount of persons recognizing and taking place in infringement does this mean the law is dead. Even now, web page developers and the vast amounts of the 100,000 businesses that have web sites post copyright notices and list servers announce the importance of copyright protection on the web. Perhaps these factors would make one think that an infringing custom is not recognized on the web. With On-line services worrying about their copyright liability and copyright law not meeting the demands of today’s technology a practitioner may argue with success in certain circumstances that internet customs have the effect of law in the world of copyright.